Miranda Summers cont.

Light and focus are foundational in Miranda’s venture to painterly explore Ku Ring Gai National Park and her river The Hawkesbury. Water as light and flora as frame are key elements in this series of works. The river glimpsed from atop a rock, through a bendy trunk, tree top or sculptural leaves are frame for the view. Beyond this shelter the river opens expansively and encourages the viewer to take an emotional leap into space. It is this leap Miranda is compelled to paint and find connection with again and again. Finding and simplifying the message with large palette knife sloobs of oil paint, tonal colouring to place distance and tiny dobs of oil painted boats help the mind land on perspective. Miranda hopes to encourage the viewer to feel the space in this work more with heart than with the eyes.

“Banksia is inspirational, I was drawn to paint her highly sculptural leaves which although at first glance grow in chaos there is order and it is beautiful. Each leaf, a strong representation of the whole and each tree a commitment to existence. In painting Banksia I learn a little more about her, she is compelling, diving in to explore her throughout the seasonal changes, painting her limbs, her leaves, her flowers and fondling her extraordinary seed pods. I am in awe of her evolved creativity.”

Bokeh, a series of 8 x 8 inch, (20 x 20cm) canvases, detailed expressions in palette knifed oil of how I see our Australian wild flowers. Bokeh is the Japanese word used to define a high quality photographic background blur. This series is inspired by tiny points of perfection dotted throughout our native bush and in this series of paintings ‘Bokeh’ allows us to focus without distraction on tiny details.

Australia’s vast native spaces humble me. I hope to paint the story of our unique environment, the grace, humility, synergy and symbiosis of Australia’s natural habitat. I paint with emotion associated with this land and hope to convey the humility I feel when I gaze upon this our native landscape. In harmony like our native plant world together we can better care for her, our heartland, Australia and each other.


2021 Be Brave Art Space, a duo show, Careel Rd, North Avalon, NSW

2021 Flora Exhibition, a group show, Heritage Hill Historic House and Gardens, Arts in Greater Dandenong, VIC

2021 Grammar Art Show, Toowoomba, QLD MAR 27 – 29

2021 Inside this Box: a group show, The Corner Store Gallery FEB 17 – 27

2020 Contemporary Australian Art a group show, The Corner Store Gallery, Orange, NSW

2018 Fundraiser Opera Australia Benevolent Fund

2015 Group Show Emergence Northern Beaches Council Creative Space.


2021 Finalist Port Lincoln and Bendigo Bank Arts Prize

2017 Finalist in Northern Beaches Art Prize

2016 Finalist in Northern Beaches Art Prize

Miranda Summers born Melbourne Australia, raised in Sussex England, trained and accredited in Fine Art and Theatre Production. She began a theatrical career as a Prop Maker and Scenic Artist for Russell Beck Studio’s, London’s West End, English National Opera, Royal Opera House and in Television with Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmonson. While taking some exploration holiday in her native homeland Australia, she fell in love with the landscape, the people and began a career with Opera Australia initially with Team Props, became a Stage Manager and recently an Assistant Director. Miranda has Assisted the Direction for the Operatic World Premiere of Brett Whiteley 2019, Graeme Murphys, Turandot, David McVicars, Don Giovanni and Francesca Zambello’s La Traviata, Handa’s Opera on Sydney Harbour, HOSH 2020. 

Artistic expression has always privately been Miranda’s life balance and inner commentary however now, focus is placed on bringing Miranda’s art into the public light. Miranda’s first group show with Underground Art Space at the Warringah Creative Space, was the result of hiring a studio from Kere Baker and this, on the advice of her Dad, Pa Summers who recognises that there is more to life! Embracing that work life ethic Miranda and her partner now live and work from an old terraced house which is dominated by artistic work spaces. Recently a finalist in the Port Lincoln Art Prize, SA in January 2021 and proud to contribute to the Grammar Art Show earlier this year. She looks forward to ‘growing the palette knife’ in her own particular style, of expressing light, colour and rugged grace in Australia’s story of natural beauty, humility and symbiotic existence. That we humans might take inspiration and exist in such a way.

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