Current Exhibition

March 8– 24  2019



A Long and Meandering Journey

Where light and colour represent the metaphorical and literal wanderings of an artist.

Amanda Fuller at Be Brave Artspace 2019 

Since completing my studies at NAS I have explored the Australian landscape as a recurring theme in my painting and am influenced by the connection I feel to my surrounding environment and recent travels.

Absorbing the peace and stillness of nature is a reminder that you are such a small part of the big picture on a somewhat uncharted journey, both exciting but equally unnerving. 

With wandering thoughts to match my steps I find parallels between my journey as an artist and reflect on the connection I feel to the landscape and the various challenges faced along the way.

In an attempt to record the visual and sensory experience I have referenced past representations of the landscape while attempting to forge an individual path for my ongoing journey.

Reflections of light and colour are connected to an emotional experience and memory and I use the pathway or track as a metaphor for both a physical and emotional journey. 

Amanda Fuller Be Brave Artspace Avalon
Amanda Fuller Be Brave Artspace Avalon
Amanda Fuller painting
Amanda Fuller art
Amanda Fuller artist