Where are you and when I can visit?
5-7 Careel head Rd, Avalon, NSW

Gallery Hours:
Thursday – Friday 11am- 3pm
Saturday – Sunday 10am – 4pm 

Gallery opens at other times by appointment only

Gallery Sales:
0416 127 859

Tina Berkeley 0416 127 859


What is Be Brave Artspace?
Be Brave Artspace is an art gallery, studio and workshop venue. A space where artists can exhibit, create, connect and be inspired.

The Gallery was an idea that grew out of a love of all things creative. A light, spacious Gallery over two floors delivering dynamic exhibitions of local, Sydney and regional artists.

 “I love art, for me curating an exhibition is an absolute joy. I love being presented with a room full of new paintings, ceramics or made objects and making sense of the Colour, Tone, Form, Shape, Shadows, Line, Texture, Light and Dark and finding a flow to the hang that tells a story based on aesthetics. There is always something different to look at and I’m excited to be able to share this passion with others.

There are so many amazing artists on the Northern Beaches and beyond and I hope to provide them with an opportunity to share their creative work with fellow art lovers and enthusiasts. I am always happy to discuss the possibility of representation with new artists and the availability of gallery space. One of the many highlights since opening the space is the many wonderful artists and clients I have met who share my love of art.

Art taps into our emotions and you know when a work speaks to you. You just feel it, like when you hear a piece of music, it connects with heart and the soul. I hope that people will come into the Gallery, look around and immerse themselves in art. Be Brave Artspace will be ever evolving, different, dynamic and always artistic.”

Tina Berkeley (Owner and Curator)

Can I get my artwork delivered?
Yes of course. Send us an email to get a quote, bebraveartspace@gmail.com

Can I purchase a gift voucher at Be Brave Artspace?
Yes, we send our gift vouchers far and wide, they are popular for group gifts for birthdays, engagements and weddings and there is no expiry date.

I can’t get to Be Brave Artspace. Can I still purchase a work?
Yes, we have an online shop that features all the work in the Gallery during an exhibition. Once an exhibition finishes work from that exhibition will no longer be available from our online gallery as new work will be uploaded to correspond with whatever current exhibition is showing.

Click here to see what works are still available